Lone Wolf Boogieman


The all in one pedal featuring crunch, delay and tone with a 1/4″ and an XLR output.

Includes 18 volt power supply.

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The Boogieman multi effects pedal features three of Lone Wolf’s most popular effects circuits: the Harp Delay, Harp Break, and Harp Tone Plus. The Boogieman operates from a 18V DC power adapter, which is included.  The Boogieman is always powered when the power supply is connected. The “IN” jack acts as the pedal ON/OFF switch.

The main features of the Boogieman pedal are:
Harp Tone Plus effect with TREBLE and BASS controls
Harp Break effect with DRIVE control for overdrive
Harp Delay effect with BLEND, REPEATS, and DELAY controls
Volume control
Independent bypass switch for Harp Break and Harp Delay
High impedance buffered input
High and low impedance outputs
Bypass ON/OFF LED for Harp Break and Harp Delay.

The Boogieman pedal is produced by the Lone Wolf Blues Company especially for Marko Balland, a unique and talented harmonica player.

This video is for demonstration purposes only, the sound produced by this pedal will depend upon the equipment, (the microphone and amp, etc) that is used.

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