Harmonica Sets

Get the popular harmonica keys in a boxed set, available in Hohner, Seydel and Suzuki harmonicas.
Seydel Session Steel is available in set of 5, 7, 9 and 12 harmonicas. The Big Six with the coloured comb is available in a six pack.
The Hohner Case of Five is available in several of the main Hohner diatonic harmonicas. The Hohner Pro Pack contains 3 harmonicas in keys A, C and G.
Suzuki Blues Master and ProMaster are available in sets of six harmonicas.
Suzuki Manji 2 pack contains keys Low C and Low D. The Manji 3 pack contains keys C,G and A.
Dales Song Tremolo harmonicas are now available in 7 or 12 sets.

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