Established in 1847, which makes it the oldest harmonica manufacturer in the world. Seydel use stainless steel reeds in the majority of their harmonicas. These offer significant durability over brass reeds, and also produce the signature Seydel tone and volume.
Seydel fully embrace alternative tunings, and many models are available in Paddy Richter, Powerdraw, Wilde, and other harmonica tunings, opening up new opportunities to players who want to experiment outside of the standard ‘Richter tuned’ harmonicas. In addition, many models are available in low tunings at no extra cost, making this, an inexpensive route for players to explore low tuned harmonicas.
Seydel’s innovation quality extends to their chromatic range of harmonicas, where the Symphony model comes with a heated case to ensure that the harmonica is kept at the perfect temperature for playing. The stainless steel reeds are employed in the Saxony and Deluxe Steel harmonicas to great effect.

Seydel harmonicas – the build quality is excellent.

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