Seydel 1847 Classic Low


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SEYDEL’s Next-Generation Low-Harmonicas: the lowest sounding blues harmonica in the world – with new Baritone design & stainless steel reeds.

The 1847 CLASSIC is now available in super-low tunings, redesigned to include a 20% thicker comb and raised coverplates. Available keys range from LF# (low F sharp) down to LLE (double-low E). This innovation expands the 1847 line of stainless steel reed harmonicas to include the extreme bass range.

The double-low models (LL) are tuned two octaves lower than standard, making Seydel’s 1847 LLE the lowest tuned diatonic harmonica worldwide.
In comparison to the ‘standard tuned’ models, low-tuned harmonicas offer a very sonoric, slightly softer and unobtrusive sound making them an excellent choice for accompaniment (chords or bass lines) as well as for soloing. Their sound is similar to that of a tenor saxophone, a trombone, or even a tuba, especially if played amplified.
This extends the range of application and opens many new possibilities for harmonica players.


Available on back order means this harmonica will be ordered especially for you from Seydel so will take several days to arrive.


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Weight180 g

Low A, Low Ab, Low Bb, Low C, Low D, Low Db, Low E, Low Eb, Low F, Low F#, Low G, Low Low E, Low Low F


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