Suzuki Double Bass SDB39


Add the deep, rich, low tones to your ensemble and harmonica group.

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Suzuki Double Bass Harmonica designed for ensemble play.

Special tuning gives the Suzuki Double Bass a beautiful, rich, projecting sound quality. The upper low notes are tuned to a C# scale and the lower low notes are tuned to a C scale. You can cover a full 2 chromatic octaves. Each note has 2 reeds which are an octave apart. Double reeds create not only a deep and rich sound, but also a crisp sound with a projecting edge. The player has ultimate control for just the right effect.
Each instrument comes in a beautiful velvet lined hard case with and a gig bag to protect your harmonica.

Specification for Double Bass SDB39

Harmonica Type: Chord
Number of Holes: 39
Cover Plates: Chrome Plated Brass
Comb: ABS Resin
Size: 285 x 60 x 100 (mm)
Weight: 1,640g (2,258g inc. Case)
Accessories: Supplied in semi hard case with shoulder strap.

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Weight 3250 g