Harp Train 40 Amp and Cab


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The Harp Train 40 is a 40 watt head that is designed for the harmonica player who wants a great vintage tone and have the flexibility of customizing their own speaker cab or using Lone Wolf’s 4 x 10 cab. The tone of this amp is clear, loud and ballsy with plenty of overdrive compression and bottom end, while maintaining the integrety of the full frequency spectrum. The controls consist of Loudness, Balls and Tone; it is extremely easy to dial in a great tone with the Harp Train 40.

40 Watts of Fat Overdriven Tone
BALLS Control
TONE Control
VOLUME Control
2, 4 and 8 Ohm Outputs
PCB Design
Voiced for Harmonica
Preamp GAIN Switch
Solid State Rectifier
Ruby Tubes
Dust Cover

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