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The Harp Break pedal provides clipping distortion with a full range of clean to full grit. The LED’s used to provide the clipping, produces a soft clipping distortion as the LED begins to conduct that is very similar to vacuum tube distortion. The soft clip is visibly evident by the dim lighting of the LED on the face of the pedal and as the DRIVE is increased the LED clips harder and begins to glow brighter, the brighter the LED, the harder the clip. The tone is very close to vacuum tube distortion but without the overtones produced by tubes. The tone is a much better tone than typical solid state distortion created by transistors. But that is not all the Harp Break features a 20db BASS BOOST control to add a fat bottom end to your tone. This pedal is a great tool to dirty up an otherwise clean amp, provide good distortion when going into a PA and providing a cool distorted sound during your gig, when the pedal is not used to produced distortion it can be used to fatten up your tone by providing a buffered FET input and the added bass provided by the BASS BOOST.

Randy Landry. The Lone Wolf Blues Co. Dedicated harmonica effects pedals.

This video is for demonstration purposes only, the sound you get from the pedal will depend upon the equipment (microphone and amp etc) that you use.

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