Suzuki SU 24 Octave


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The Suzuki SU-24 Octave has a rich bottom range of notes and a bright tone at the top of it’s register. Each hole has two notes set at an octave apart on both the blow and draw notes which gives this harmonica it’s distinctive melodian like tone.
The Octave is built to Suzuki’s usual exacting standards, featuring recessed, nickle plated reed plates on a plastic comb and highly polished, stainless steel, engraved cover plates. The SU-24 has twenty four double reeds, giving it a three octave range, in the choice of two keys, C and C#, which could be played together to give a chromatic scale.
A stylish brown, hinged plastic case, including a cleaning cloth, compliments this fine harmonica.

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Weight 340 g

C, C# = Db