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The Shaker Madcat model doesn’t look like any other microphone. It doesn’t respond like any microphone ever produced; it is a totally new approach to harmonica amplification. The design is radical, the shape is functionally perfect, the technology is typical Shaker, way ahead of the rest. The Shaker Madcat has a unique new design which enables you to amplify not only the sound of the harp, but all the hand shaped tones usually associated with acoustic harmonica playing. With the Shaker Madcat you can, for the first time, mic the natural wah-wah sound of a harmonica from inside your cupped hands. This microphone picks up all of the sounds produced within the variable acoustic chamber created by your cupped hands.

This microscope has a built in cable with a 1/4 (6mm) jack plug and is supplied with a double 1/4 female connector, so a longer cable can be connected to the amp.

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