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THE HARP TRAIN 10 is truly a unique harmonica amp; it provides a punchy, fat, vintage tone, while being the most affordable harp-specific amplifier on the market. This amp has a plywood casing with tough covering, it comes with a power cable and a dust cover.
The Harp Train 10 was inspired by a desire to offer a true harp amp at a reasonable price; an amplifier that is voiced for harmonica and provides the gritty compressed tone that harp players love.

At the heart of the amplifier is the BALLS circuit, a truly unique circuit not found in any other amplifier. This circuit replaces a traditional tone circuit, providing a boost to the bass and lower mid range frequencies. The increase in this frequency spectrum allows for the balancing of frequencies within the spectrum of the harmonica; you can have the bottom fatness you desire without limiting your tonal range.

The first stage of the 12AX7 pre-amp tube drives the BALLS circuit and the second stage drives the 6L6 power tube set to 8 watts. The power section drives the proprietary 10-inch speaker with a 20-ounce magnet and a 1½-inch voice coil. This speaker is loud and produces serious vintage tone. Probably the loudest small amp on the market, the Harp Train 10 also features a LINE OUT jack to run the amp through another combi amp or PA.

The rectifier is solid state, which reduces heat and improves the amplifier’s response over a vacuum tube rectifier. The pre-amp and power tubes are Ruby and are included in the warranty. This amp does not have an over sized output transformer like other harp amps. Why you may ask? Take a look at any vintage amp and you will see an output transformer designed for the load and not over designed. The output transformer is a critical component to the tone the amp produces and our transformer is selected to optimize vintage tone. Controls are simple, LOUDNESS and BALLS, or you could say volume and boost.

Although this is a small and inexpensive amplifier, don’t think this amp is just for beginners. The tone produced by the Harp Train 10 is studio quality; and using the LINE OUT feature into a PA you can play any venue. The Harp Train 10 is not an amp you will outgrow. This amp is affordable enough to buy two, and by using the Lone Wolf Terminator pedal to split the signal, you can produce stereo sound on stage and double your projected sound.

This amp is designed by Randy Landry of Lone Wolf Blues Co, USA, with production collaboration from Peter Blyth of Harmonicas Direct, England and manufactured in China.
We could have produced another hand-wired boutique amp or a hybrid; i.e., have it built in China and assembled in the US, but that would have defeated one of our primary goals: to offer an affordable harp amp for everyone.

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2 reviews for Harp Train 10 Harmonica Amp

  1. lordbob (verified owner)

    Ok, nobody has written a review on this amp yet so here goes my two pennies worth!
    I purchased from this site and received it within the week.
    If you want a small amp with old skool sound, buy this amplifier. If you want a totally clean amp, stop reading and go somewhere else. It can’t be any simpler really, a volume knob for volume, and a balls knob for, well, balls I guess, which is really a bass/gain boost. Settings possibilities are vast as the two knobs work in tandem.
    Having read that previously this amp had feedback problems I was a bit wary. With both controls set to 12.00 as a starting point there were no problems at all, pushing the balls knob to the max was also fine ( and man , the distortion is something to behold with a tight cup) returning the balls back to 12.00 and pushing the volume up resulted in feedback by about 2.00. At this point, the amp is LOUD for its size. Feedback is inevitable in any amp in certain conditions and I deemed the performance perfectly acceptable, producing great sound with plenty of oomph before feedback occurred.
    I then plugged in my Squeal Killer (anti feedback pedal), well, both dials all the way to the stops with no feedback until I put the microphone with 12-18 inches of the speaker. Flat out this amp absolutely screams old skool, it also sounds great on half volume, on quarter volume it’s a bit weak/plain/lacking in colour, too clean for my liking but as you well know, an amp needs to be pushed to get the best out of it.
    I took a peak under the hood and its well put together, despite is price point. I did swap the tubes for some old Mullards I had while I was there, just because I could (same ratings just different manufacturer). To be fair, the Ruby tubes are ok and will serve you well, I just find mine a bit warmer, but there is not much in it and If I wasn’t looking I probably would not have bothered.
    £299 + £24.99 courier is a cheap amp, but a good amp without the problems of pissing about with guitar amps. It’s never going to replace my Bassman, but it will be used for smaller gigs and in the studio a lot. The line out is a handy feature which I have yet to use and the included dust cover with logo is a nice touch.
    All in all, The Harp Train 10 looks the part, is loud, does exactly what it is advertised to do, and is cheap and simple to dial in quickly.
    What’s not too like?
    It is now compulsory to follow my band on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/Railroadband/ cheers!!

  2. jean-francois.dourt (verified owner)

    After the Fender blues jr, pro jr, vht 6, epiphone valve jr, champ 5w….guitar amps, so, this is my first harp amp, and it is a real harp amp, plug and play and for the first time , I’m very happy to hear what I hear! Crunch, power and no problems with the feedback!!I’ve tried my 3 microphones, Bulletini, Hohner hb 52 and EV 10, great sound, the best with the HT 10 is the Bulletini, warm and crunchy, perfect, I really love that amp! Thanks to Peter, it’s a pleasure to buy goods to Harmonica direct! JF

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