Seydel Wilde Rock Five Set


Seydel Session Steel Wilde Rock harmonica set of five.

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Seydel Session Steel Wilde Rock tuning set of five harmonicas. This set in a Seydel gigbag contains harmonicas in keys Low F, G, A, C and D.

Seydel Wilde Rock special tuning harmonica details:
Holes one to five are exactly the same as standard tuning. Holes six, seven and eight are the same as holes two, three and four (just an octave higher). Hole nine is the same as hole two (two octaves higher) and the reeds in hole ten have been switched around (so that the ten blow bend is now a draw bend). This makes fast minor pentatonic/blues scale runs much easier and means you no longer need to overblow/overdraw to get the flat third and flat five in the upper octave as they are now available as simple draw bends.

Seydel Endorser Will Wilde is the inventor of this Special Tuning harmonica which is very well suited for “tougher” musical styles like Hard-rock or Blues-Rock.


All Seydel Wilde Tuned Harmonicas are made exclusively by hand and only on demand, so we will have to order this set especially for you so please allow a few weeks for it to arrive.

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Weight 420 g