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The Wilde Drive, Designed by Lone Wolf Blues Company in collaboration with Will Wilde, a musician who has taken the harmonica way beyond its blues roots, since he first emerged on the music scene in 2010.

Always pushing forward,evolving and redefining his sound, Wilde’s hard-edged harmonica steals the spotlight from the traditional rock guitar, with a sound that owes as much to Slash or Gary Moore as it does to Sonny Boy Williamson or Little Walter.

The Wilde Drive is designed to bring an edgier sound to the harmonica, mixing vintage and current design techniques and components. The pedal takes an aggressive solid state over-driven signal and slams a sub-miniature pentode tube, resulting in a hard distortion that works great for harmonica. A touch of hall echo effect is added to fatten the tone a bit, which is switchable.

The Wilde Drive needs an 18 volt PSU, sold separately.

Click the link for more details:  Wilde Drive instruction sheet


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