Suzuki Shinobix Silencer


Suzuki Shinobix Silencer – reduce the volume of your harmonica playing.


The Suzuki Shinobix is designed to lower the sound of your harmonica playing, so you can practice without upsetting friends and neighbours.  Shinobix (from Shinobu, meaning ‘Stealth’) is designed to lower the volume of your Suzuki diatonic harmonica without affecting playablilty.

The Shinobix Full Set comes with a Suzuki diatonic 10 hole harmonica and is ideal for harmonica beginners.

The Shinobix User Set is composed of a cover plate set which replaces your normal plates, directing the tone into Suzuki’s custom made silencer. The silencer utilizes individual spiral structures for each of the 10 reed chambers; effectively reducing the sound level by around 15-20db.

The User Set is compatible with these Suzuki harmonicas:

Manji (not the low keys)
Hammond Harp
Pure Harp

The User Set is sold without a harmonica.  Care must be taken when fitting the harmonica to the Shinoix unit.

Additional information

Weight 380 g

Full Set, User Set