Suzuki Olive


Unique olive tinted, stainless steel cover plates.

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The Olive, Suzuki’s latest and most exciting diatonic. The Olive’s main features are it’s laser welded reeds, which result in more accurate reed alignment; the innovative hybrid wood and resin comb, which alleviates swelling, making it more airtight, with a consistent tone, enabling better bending and over blowing; the uniquely, olive tinted, stainless steel cover plates.

The comb
Suzuki has invented the wood-resin composite body which doesn’t absorb moisture from the player’s breath, this helps increase the harmonicas air tightness and playing comfort.

Cover plates
The cover plates are a vivid green Olive colour, have lasting durability and a clear tone. Suzuki 10 hole harmonicas are extremely airtight due to highly accurate manufacturing processes and assembly. The Olive’s tight seal between component parts makes it responsive to quick phrases, and gives sensitive tone and bending control. Suzuki’s unique welded-reed manufacturing process gives unprecedented accuracy of reed attachment and the most accurate reed/slot alignment. This allows the reeds to respond flexibly to all advanced bending and over blowing technique to achieve a dynamic, deep sound.

Complete with a soft pouch. Available in 12 major keys, plus Hi G and low F, please contact us if you require a key that isn’t in stock.

Additional information

Weight 180 g

A, Bb, C, D, E, F, G