Suzuki Manji Pack


Suzuki Manji harmonicas in a stylish compact zipped carrying case.


The Suzuki Manji Low C and Low D now available a 2 pack; the 3 pack contains the keys of C, G and A (not low tunings). The harmonicas come in a stylish compact carrying case with a zip. The case is designed to hold 3 Suzuki Manji harmonicas to protect your harmonicas from damage and dust.

The Manji harmonica’s comb has a 50% wood fiber mix, combined with resin, which gives this harmonica the sound of a traditional wooden comb but with the durability and non-absorbency of plastic. The Manji is great for blues and rock players, as the back and side covers are fully open, which gives full sound projection.

The low keyed versions come with modified cover plates, which are tapered and widen towards the bottom notes to allow the reeds extra room to vibrate.

Additional information

Weight 480 g

2 pack, 3 pack