Suzuki Manji Low Tunings


Suzuki Manji harmonica low tuning

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Suzuki have extended the range of Manji harmonicas to include low keys. Now available in Low Keys C, D, E, Eb and F.

The comb is made of an all-new resin material which has the warm timbre of a wooden comb and the durability and non-absorbency of plastic. The comb produces a stronger, thicker tone and players have reported “It feels as if the comb vibrates with the reeds!” The stainless steel cover plates are designed to the desires of blues and rock harmonica players and gives full sound projection as the back sides of the covers are fully open and the big holes at both sides allow the player to hear the reeds directly. The reed plates are precision made of Phosphor Bronze and the reeds combine dynamic sound with long endurance giving this harmonica easy over blowing characteristics.


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Weight 180 g

Low C, Low D, Low E, Low Eb, Low F