SAM Systems Integral Cab Microphone


Designed to be fitted internally in your combi amp or speaker cab.

Available in 10 inch size only.


The SAM Systems IM 10 cab microphone is a highly compact super cardioid microphone array with an extended frequency range that captures every nuance of your harp. The microphone was primarily designed for guitar cabs but it works equally well with harmonica, and is designed to be installed internally in your combi amp or speaker cab, delivering a true balanced analog output for mixing desks, ‘front of house’ PA and studio monitors. The lightweight yet robust design is built-to-last, allowing the microphone to be fitted directly into your cab, eliminating the need to constantly remove the microphone every time you pack away. It also saves you a lot of time when it comes to setting up, allowing you to attach the microphone directly to your cab and get started, whereas normal micing methods can prove tedious and time-consuming.

The microphone is pressure tested at extreme volume levels, ensuring you can drive up the volume on your cab without affecting the quality of the recording. This delivers a clean and transparent sound that reduces over spill and feedback. The result is a balanced output that produces a truer monitor sound and improves overall audio quality. Perfect for both stage and studio alike, the SAM system IM 10 are sure to revolutionize live and studio cab micing.


Super cardioid microphone with extended frequency range
Designed to fit 10-inch cabs
Balanced output
Pressure tested at extreme volume
Reduces distortion and feedback
Consistent output quality
Plug & play installation
‘Fit & Forget’ design allows you to easily install and keep the microphone on your cab
Lightweight and robust design
Reduces setup times, allows you to carry less equipment

How to fit and set up the Integral mic system:

See Richard Smith, the Integral’s inventor, who is also a great harp player, describe the Integral mic system:

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Integral IM 10 (10 inch), Integral IM 12 (12 inch)