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The Lone Wolf Terminator is the answer for those who want to get the most out of their high impedance microphone and for those who desire a splitter with isolated outputs. This pedal is great for gigging musicians and for using in a studio.

The Terminator is an active FET buffer and isolated splitter with a 10 meg ohm input. The 10 meg impedance is ideal for crystal microphone elements and more than adequate for controlled magnetic elements; in other words, it is perfect for your bullet microphone. Your tone will be fatter and you may find that microphones that have been put away now sound great. Good effect pedals will have a true bypass and with a true bypass you will lose the impedance match that the pedal provides causing the tone to be a little thinner, just like playing with no effect pedals at all, the Terminator will prevent this tone loss while in bypass by always providing an optimum impedance match for your microphone. The splitter function allows you to play through two amps at once or go to a PA with the second output, this feature allows for a lot of creativity and a stereo sound while performing. You can have effects with one amp while the other amp is clean, different effects with each amp or anything else you can dream up.

There is no gain in the pedal and there is no distortion. One output can be used to feed an amplifier and the second can feed either another amplifier or the LINE (or instrument) input on a PA. While the typical guitar amplifier has only a 68k ohm input impedance and the typical boutique harp amp may have a 1 meg ohm input impedance. When you use the Terminator you will have the optimum input impedance for a high impedance bullet microphone.


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