Lone Wolf Harp Delay


The Harp Delay is the only delay pedal designed for harmonica players.

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The Harp Delay, to my knowledge, is the first delay designed for harmonica, offered to the public, it is not a tone sucking modded guitar delay but a tone enhancing harp delay.

The dry portion of the signal passes through a buffered input and high value coupling capacitors assuring maximum
bass response along with slight filtering of the treble frequencies. The echo portion passes through 5 low pass filters to provide maximum warmth.
This is a digital delay that has all of the warmth of an analog delay and then some. Randy Landry, Lone Wolf Blues Co. Dedicated harmonica effects pedals.

This video is for demonstration purposes only, the sound you get from the pedal will depend upon the equipment (microphone and amp etc) that you use.

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