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The Harp Octave is a great tool for the harp player who wants to have diverse sounds. It is a clean octave up generator in the sense that it has adds no solid state distortion; but what it does add are octave-up overtones that manifests itself in the mid range with a rasp that brings out whatever distortion is going on with the amp. The end result is a fuzz-crunchy-distortion that can be mild or intense, according to the settings chosen. This pedal is best when using the pucker, lip block and tongue block technique. If you’ve ever wanted your big amp to sound like a nasty little vintage Champ or Princeton, this is the pedal that’ll do it. The effect will really cut through the mix and reduces feedback, you will get more volume out of your amp before feedback than ever before. The Harp Octave has a buffered input, true bypass, a Blend control and a Volume control. The Blend control increases or decreases the level of the generated octave and the Volume control allows you to have more control over your volume for solos and when playing into a PA. The buffered input provides the high impedance termination necessary to get the best tone form crystal, cm and cr elements; the output is also high impedance and plugs straight into your amp.

The battery is switched off when an external power supply is used and the LED is on when the effect is in and is off when the effect is in bypass.

Randy Landry, the Lone Wolf Blues Co, dedicated harmonica effects.


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