Lone Wolf Harp Attack V2


The Lone Wolf Harp Attack Version 2 – smaller size and mains only.


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A new smaller version of the Harp Attack.


The Harp Attack V2 is designed to provide true power tube distortion in a pedal. This pedal is not your typical tube preamp that uses a triode; this tube uses a sub-miniature beam power tube, the same type tube as a 6V6 to provide the tone of an over driven single ended amp. It produces a fat punchy tone that can be set with the exact amount of overdrive desired. You can certainly tell there is a tube inside of this pedal.

The pedal is designed with a high impedance input buffer providing 10M ohms of resistance to get the best tone from your crystal, CM or other high impedance microphone. A DRIVE control sets the amount of power tube saturation desired, a treble cut TONE control trims unwanted highs and an output VOLUME control sets the output level. The output of the pedal is also buffered with an FET amp that adds extra gain to extend the life of the tube, this gain is controlled with the pedal volume control. The NOS sub-miniature tube is slightly microphonic but it goes away shortly after turning the pedal on, it is not noticeable in a live situation and the pedal has to be knocked to be effected.

Randy Landry, the Lone Wolf Blues Co, dedicated harmonica effects.

This pedal requires an 18v power source from a power supply unit PSU – there is no battery option.




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