Hohner Windsavers


Now available in set of one of each size of windsaver or approx 10 of each size of windsaver.

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Now available in a set containing one of each size windsaver – 14 individual windsavers*, and sets of approx 10 windsavers in the 14 different sizes.

*If you are just changing a few windsavers, the smaller pack of 1 in each size maybe enough.

If you are changing all the windsavers on your harmonica, you will need the full set, containing 10 of each size.

Hohner windsavers are suitable for chromatic and other valved harmonicas.
Windsavers or valves, are the small flaps attached to the reed plates. Take care when replacing the windsavers as it is a delicate task.

This Hohner video shows how to glue new windsavers on a Chromatic harmonica reed plate.


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Weight 99 g

1 of each size, Full Set 10 of each size