Hohner Harmonica Service Set


Complete essential maintenance on your harmonicas.

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Repair and service your harmonicas with this professional Hohner harmonica service set. It contains an instruction booklet with clear, precise details to repair your harmonicas professionally.

The tools included are:

  • combo screwdriver (flat and cross head),
  • tuning scraper,
  • fine tuning file,
  • hook tool for lifting inner reeds,
  • reed lifting blade with reed wrench.

Also included are set of windsavers, and tube of windsaver glue and cleaning cloth.

All contained in a black study nylon case.

It might be an idea to work on a few old harmonicas before trying your new-found skills on your best Meisterklasse!

Due to UK and International air freight restrictions, if this is going overseas we may have to remove the tube of glue.

Watch the Hohner Harmonica Workshop video.


The video is for demonstration purposes only.


The Hohner instructions included with this tool kit refers to slide oil (lubricant) but this is on longer included in their Service Set.

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