Hohner Discovery 48


Tuned in the key of C, with a three octave range.

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The Discovery 48 is the latest edition to Hohner’s chromatic harmonica range, which span over one hundred years, since the Super Chromonica of 1912.

The Discovery is the perfect chromatic for the beginner and intermediate player, it has a comfortable feel and weight to it and a full bright tone.
The main features of the Discovery are:

optimized air channels for improved tonal response;
brass reed plates attached by screws,
enabling easy dismantling for service,
an ABS plastic comb – which doesn’t suffer from swelling or adverse climatic conditions, unlike wood;
a reversible slide enabling easy conversion to left hand use.

Other features include; full length cover plates, which enhance the tonal quality and make it comfortable to hold. The Discovery 48 is complimented with a semi rigid nylon canvass case with a zip opening on the top.


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