Hohner Chromatic Step by Step


Beginner’s Guide to Chromatic Harmonicas

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This Hohner Step by Step Starter Set for Chromatic Harmonica includes Book, CD and a Hohner Super Chromonica (270/48 ) harmonica.


If you wish to play folk music, pop, classical or jazz, the chromatic harmonica is a flexible harmonica for all music. You will quickly and easily learn chromatic harmonica playing with this Step by Step set.


With the Hohner Chromatic Starter Set, you get a comprehensive introduction into the exciting world of the chromatic harmonica. Step by step you’ll learn the subtleties of playing the chromatic harmonica, from the right hand position to the right use of the slider. In no time, you’ll be able to play your first tunes and explore the worlds of classical music, jazz, pop, and soul.


The Hohner Chromatic Step by Step Starter Set consists of:

Super Chromonica harmonica

CD with play-alongs

The harmonica is in key C it has brass 1.05mm reedplates and stainless steel cover plates.

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