Beatles Harmonica

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Ideal for all harmonica players and Beatles fans.

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The songs and music of the Beatles must have been heard by most people around the world.  To celebrate more than 60 years of their musical achievements, Hohner have produced The Beatles harmonica – a tribute to the group and their timeless songs.

The Beatles 10 hole diatonic harmonica in key C .


• Top cover plate with classic Beatles logo and silhouettes
• Eye-catching case with imprinted Beatles themed graphic
• High-quality reed plates and reeds ensure fast response and high volume
• Sturdy moisture resistant ABS plastic comb
• Solid stainless steel covers for a strong, bright sound
• Assembled with screws for easy maintenance.

The new The Beatles harmonica is not only a collectors piece, but also a professional Hohner harmonica made in Germany.

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Weight 240 g