Hohner PentaHarp


The Hohner PentaHarp is straightforward in its tuning – so easy to play.


The Hohner PentaHarp is built for all musicians, not just harmonica players. If you have every tried to learn the harmonica, and were confused with the note layout, this harmonica is for you. The PentaHarp’s intuitive design is easy to understand, you can play melodies and solos effortlessly.

Unlike standard Richter-tuned harmonicas, with the PentaHarp there is no need to play in 2nd position or “Cross Harp” position. The Hohner PentaHarp is straightforward in its tuning. You can play in the same key the song is in or the same harmonica can play a song in a major key if it is the relative minor. The notes are laid out in such a way that you do not need to draw bend, blow bend or overblow to play a useful scale.

The Honer Pentaharp is based on the Hohner Special 20 harmonica.  It is an ideal beginner’s instrument with its blue ABS comb and recessed brass reed plates.

Large tonal range – three complete blues scales on one 10-hole diatonic harmonica.

Just blow & draw – no change in the blow-draw cycle is needed when playing scales, this makes intuitive playing even easier.

No bending needed – the tonal layout is the minor pentatonic scale with the added “blue note”, so no bending is needed to play the blues scale.


The Pentatonic scale is one of the most useful in popular music. Play any of these notes in the right key and you can’t play a wrong note. By adding the “Blue Note” the player can add extra expression and versatility, this is known as the “Blues Scale”.  Guitarists refer to this scale as “Playing in the Box”, and it is the one of the first scales to learn when playing a solo, however, to play this scale on a standard harmonica you would have to perfect advanced techniques that could take years to master. That’s where the Hohner PentaHarp comes in.



This harmonica is tuned in the Pentatonic scale so becomes a minor tuning in the harmonica keys.


For harmonica players


For guitar players


PenataHarp tabulature tool
Create your own guitar tabulature with the PentaHarp tab tool

Additional information

Weight 210 g

Bb minor, E minor, Low F minor, A minor, C minor, D minor, G minor