Suzuki Sirius Chromatic S-48 Bass


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Suzuki Sirius is the modern standard for all Chromatic Harmonicas, Suzuki have now added a Bass Chromatic to the Sirius family. The new Sirius S-48B has a unique reed design allowing the player to achieve the same bass range as a cello, with the same style and size as the standard 12-hole 48 tones chromatic harmonica.  The range of the Sirius S-48 Bass is C1 ~ D4, compared to the 16 hole, 4 octave chromatic, which has a range of C3 ~ D7.

Suzuki Sirius Chromatic Bass is the smallest Bass harmonica you have ever seen, measuring 16 x 5 x 35 cm approx and  weight of 300g approx.

See the Sirius S-48 Bass demo by Filip Jers:

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Weight 480 g