Suzuki Kenhamo W37 Wooden Melodion


Made from the forest to create the soft natural sound which harmonizes with other musical instruments.

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Suzuki W37 Kenhamo Wooden Melodion
The natural wood properties of this very special musical instrument absorb the higher overtones normally associated with a free reeds creating a soft, well balanced tone.

The overall warmth of the wood and smooth feeling of the surface texture enables the fingers to glide smoothly and comfortably.  The shoulder strip can be attached allowing a more free playing style, for maximum enjoyment and expression.
Suzuki created the softer sound of the W37, which directly aims at harmonizes with other instruments.
The cover is Mahognay and the keys are made from Beech, with phosphor bronze reeds.

Note Range: f~f3 37 keys, a=442hz

Comes with a carrying case.

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Weight 1480 g