Suzuki Humming High Class Set


Suzuki humming High Class Tremolo harmonica set, keys C, C#, A, Am.

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This set contains keys C, C#, A, Am in a heavy duty gig bag that holds up to 8 tremolo harmonicas.

The Suzuki Humming High-class tremolo harmonica is popular in Japan,

The SU-21W features an advanced comb simulating the sound of wood, which is used in the Suzuki Manji diatonic harmonica.  It is an all-new resin comb material with the warm timbre of a wooden comb, combined with the durability and non-absorbency of plastic. Not only does it simulate the feel and sound of wood – this material contains more than 50% of natural wood fibers. But to realize the best resonance characteristics, Suzuki avoided having cavities on the surface of the comb. The solid comb, because of the natural wood fiber included, produces a stronger, thicker tone than the sound from an all-plastic comb.


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