Suzuki Andes Melodion


tone is reminiscent of Andes Pipes

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The Suzuki Andes 25F Melodion stands out with its unique shape and sound. Unlike the traditional reed based Melodion the Andes employs pipes…25 of them to be exact.

Comes with one, standard and one angled mouthpiece and neck strap.

Weight: 1kg including case
Dimensions: 170mm x 470mm (including case)

Note Range: f2~f4 25 keys, a=442hz


This unique Suzuki Musical Instrument looks like a Melodion but sounds like a Flute…or rather 25 flutes! As the name suggests the resulting tone is reminiscent of the Andes Pipes. It is fully polyphonic and is easy to play chords with very little effort. Beautiful tonal variations are available when applying different breath control techniques. Watch the video below to hear for yourself.




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