Seydel Session Steel Major Cross


Ideal for playing fast runs and Irish tunes.

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The Seydel Session Steel Major Cross tuning from Tony Eyers makes fast tunes easier to play. This harmonica was developed for playing fast bluegrass and Irish tunes. It’s also useful for Irish Folk, Scottish Reels, Jigs, Country tunes and all kinds of flute and fiddle tunes.

Tony Eyers’ Major Cross tuning – corrosion-free diatonic harmonica with stainless steel reeds, ergonomically shaped covers and blue coloured plastic comb.

The Major Cross tuning, developed by Tony Eyers, allows a major scale to be played in second (or cross) position without any note bending. While many players use second position, they often find traditional tunes challenging, due to the bending/overblowing needed for some notes. The Seydel Major Cross tuning eliminates this problem as bending/overblowing is generally not needed. The Seydel Major Cross harmonicas are well suited to the fast speeds common with traditional fiddle tunes.

Explore the possibilities of this new tuning.  Available in the most common keys Bb, C, D, A and G.

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Weight 180 g

A, Bb, C, D, G