Seydel Orchestra S Five Harmonica Set


A ten-hole, solo-tuned harmonica (Orchestra-tuning). All notes from the major scale are available throughout a two-and-a-half octave range.

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Seydel Orchestra S harmonica in set of 5, keys Low C, Low D, Low F, G and A in a Seydel Gigbag.

Seydel Orchestra S harmonica is a solo tuned diatonic harmonica which is orchestra tuned. It has a red translucent plastic comb, ergonomic stainless steel cover plates and corrosion-free stainless steel reeds. This harmonica is orchestra tuned so it opens up new possibilities to blues players by making it easy to play in the 3rd position. The sound is similar to solos played on a chromatic harmonica.

This harmonica has an expanded tonal range in the lower register giving it the Orchestra tuning.


available on back order means we will order this harmonica set from Seydel especially for you, so please allow a few weeks for delivery.

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Weight 430 g