Seydel Noble


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The Seydel Noble is a blues harp in their 1847 series. Made from the best materials; matted stainless steel cover plates; a milled aluminum, black anodized comb.


The special features of the Noble is a well balanced and weighty build; side vented cover plates, to optimize sound projection and distribution of airflow if playing with cupped hands; extremely close tolerances between slot and reed for best possible tone control for the player; new tactile oval key stickers- hard wearing and removes the danger of holding the instrument the wrong way round, even in the dark; precisely factory adjusted, pitch-stable and durable reeds and rivets both made of Stainless Steel.


The Seydel Noble has optimal tone response and a full sound; corrosion free nickle silver reed plates, with stainless steel reeds; the mouth piece is slightly radiused along it’s length, for greater comfort and the matt cover plates make it easy to hold.
All this, combined with the loud, strong tone of the Noble make this a superior harmonica.
A stylish silver covered hinged case complements the Noble.


Available on back order means we will order the harmonica especially for you, it may take a few weeks.



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Weight 180 g

A, Ab, B, Bb, C, D, Db, E, Eb, F, F#, G, Low C, Low D, Low Db, Low E, Low Eb, Low F, Low F#