Seydel Favorite

Original price was: £59.99.Current price is: £49.95.

Special price for Seydel Favorite for keys Ab, B, and F.


These Seydel Favorite harmonicas have brass reeds and are now discontinued by Seydel hence the special price £49.95


The Seydel Favorite holds it own with other top end, all metal, brands of harmonica, with its high build quality. Nickel plated reed plates are secured onto a solid alloy comb, which has uniquely beveled holes, and the flush fitting cover plates are highly polished stainless steel. The Favorite is extremely airtight, and the sound produced is loud and precise.

Includes the Seydel leather pouch and cleaning cloth.

The 1847 reed plates can be fitted to these harmonicas.

Additional information

Weight 160 g

Low Low F#, A, Ab, B, Bb, C, D, F, F#, G, Low D, Low E, Low Eb