Seydel Compact Blues Case


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The Seydel Compact Blues Case can hold 30 diatonic harmonicas, a bullet-type microphone with cable and a chromatic harmonica.

This case is solid, lightweight, with an ergonomic carry handle. The diatonic harmonicas are stored upright with the key visible so you can find the correct harmonica quickly and easily.

Technical details;

dimensions: 34 x 13cm (13.5 x 5.2 inch)
weight: 1 kg (35 oz)
foam insert with upright slots for 30 diatonic harmonicas (including Seydel 1847 Low harmonicas or any 10-hole models from other manufacturers)
extra pocket for one chromatic harmonica (12 to 16 holes) or a 3m (10 ft) microphone cable
special pocket for a bullet type microphone or other accessories
ergonomic carry handle
zip-able lid
strong plastic hard shell case.


sold without harmonicas.


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Weight 1205 g