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Power Licks, High-end Licks and Speed Licks.

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Rock Harmonica book, part of the School of the Blues Series by David Barrett with online audio

The blanket term ‘rock’ is used to describe a musical genre that covers over six decades of musical diversity. The question for this book is, “What does rock mean to harmonica players?” This book is for harmonica players who have a basic grasp of the instrument and are looking to study the rock style in greater detail. You’ll learn greater control of bends; speed licks; high-end licks; how to play bluesy notes and textures; how to play and construct hooks; how to deal with and play over the common chord progressions used in rock; and, music theory relative to playing rock harmonica. Concepts are presented through original tunes as well as staples of rock harmonica repertoire such as Magic Dick’s “Whammer Jammer!”.

Includes access to online audio.

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