Hohner Ocean Melodica


Let your emotions flow.

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The Ocean Melodica by Hohner has blue and black keys on a deep ocean blue coloured body. The 32 keys have a tonal range f-c”’. It is 42cm long and weights 580g and comes in a matching blue hard plastic carrying case. A mouth piece and flexible playing tube are provided.

The frictionless keyboard and easy response make rapid phrases and complex rhythms second nature.
Emotion and Expression – the two primal forces of music. A good musical instrument leads you directly to them.
The melodica is such an instrument – full of expressivity and incredibly easy to play.
Its piano keyboard is one of the most widespread and easiest ways to articulate melodies and harmonies.
Rhythm and dynamics are directly controlled by your breath, naturally ebbing and flowing right through you.


The beautiful black and blue design gives the Hohner Ocean Melodica a mysterious, calm look. The airtight construction, quiet passages have a crisp sound, while loud passages have the necessary power and volume.

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Weight 1650 g