Hohner Marine Band 364 24


Available in keys C, D and G.

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Sometimes you just need a little bit more to fully express how you feel. When Sonny Boy Williamson II
discovered the rich, deep toned sound of the 12 hole Echo Vamper harmonica, it inspired him to record one of his best known pieces, Bye Bye Bird, dedicated to the great Charlie Parker. Now known as the Marine Band 364/24, very little has changed since Sonny Boy first played this classic harp except the engraving on the top cover and the color of the comb.

This version of ‘the worlds best selling harmonica’ is a hand made 12 hole 24 reeds solo Richter tuned harmonica comes in keys C, G and D. It has a pear wood comb with stainless steel cover plates. It has a tonal range of 3 1/2 octaves.

Comes in plastic hinged case.

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Weight 180 g

C, D, G