Hohner Flexrack Harness


Flexes to allow perfect positioning.

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The Flexrack harp harness is a long awaited addition to Hohner’s accessory range. Most harnesses on the market have only one adjustment, pivoting forward and back, not allowing for different neck sizes and physiques, which can cause neck strain.
The ingeniously designed Flexrack enables forward, back and height adjustment, also the angle in which the harmonica is held in the cradle. The Flexrack is tough, made from enamel coated steel; the spring loaded clamp assembly straddling the harmonica is padded to secure and protect it, which is curved at the bottom to release the harmonica; it is padded at the neck supporting area for extra comfort and is locked in position by four clamps.
The Flexrack – a masterpiece in design and function.

Suitable for diatonic and tremolo harmonicas.

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