Hohner Chromatic mouthpiece screws


Packet contains 2 screws or 5 nuts.


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Hohner Chromatic mouth piece screws, please take care when ordering to ensure you get the correct parts for your harmonica.

M260/270 fits the following models with wooden bodies: Chromatic Koch 980_40, Slide Harp, Hard Bopper, Mellow Tone, Larry Adler 12_48, Chromonica I 260_40, Chromonica II 270_48, Chromonica Deluxe 270_48.  Will also fit the cover plates for these models: Bass 265, Bass 268.

M280/64 fits the following models: Chromonica_280, Larry Adler 64, Super 64, Chromatic Meisterklasse.
Packet contains 2 screws.  A nut secures this screw, so also check if the is thread is worn.

Packet contains 2 screws.


Nuts Hohner Chromatic harmonica nuts – packet of five nuts fits on the mouth piece screw.

Nuts will fit M280/64 screw only.
Suitable for Hohner Chromonica III 64, Super 64, XB 40, ACE 48, Super 64 Performance and Super 64 X Performance.

Additional information

Weight 40 g
Spare Part

M260/270, M280/64, Nuts