Hohner Bluesband

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The perfect first blues harmonica for a small budget.



The Hohner Blues Band harmonica is easy to play and perfect for beginners looking for a durable harmonica at a budget price.
It has a plastic comb, 0.9mm brass reed plates and produces a bright and clear tone.

Reliable performance under all climate conditions thanks to resilient plastic comb.
The reed plates are recessed into the comb for greater playing comfort.

Blues is an incredibly versatile and eclectic genre. There’s different styles throughout the US, the UK has its own blues scene, and Irish folk has bluesy influences as well – or does blues have Irish influences? Whichever came first, blues is known and loved around the globe. With the Hohner Blues Band harmonica, you can join the fun, play along to your favorites, or jam with friends.

Approx 10cm long, comes in a cardboard box.

Available in key A.

Additional information

Weight 130 g

A, C, G