BlowsMeAway Rackit with Bulletini Mic


The new design Racket harmonica holder with Bulletini mic

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NEW DESIGN! Most players know that cupping a harmonica microphone fattens your acoustic and especially your amplified tone. Unfortunately this is impossible for people whose hands are busy doing something else – like playing guitar, or for people with disabilities that prevent them from cupping a traditional mic. Rackit! cups the mic for you!

The Bulletini has already earned high praise from beginners to pros: now you can have a world class tone – hands-free!  The fitted Bulletini microphone has the volume control.

New attachment available for the Gecko harness.  *Your harmonica harness -depending on type-may need modifying to hold the Rackit.

  • Stunning tone!
  • Includes Bulletini microphone, which can be used without the Rackit.
  • 3 Tone Modes: “Huge”, “Fat” and “Bright” – Switch easily between them during performance
  • Fits most popular 10-hole harmonicas*
  • Fits most popular racks* Gecko harness attachment available
  • Soft and flexible material won’t harm your harps
  • Incorporates the legendary Bulletini™ microphone
  • Switch harps easily and quickly
  • Wired or Wireless operation
  • Allows a deeper embouchure than some racks permit (more harp in your mouth)
  • Use amplified or acoustic, in a rack or hand held
  • Light weight, low profile – see your guitar’s neck!

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