BlowsMeAway Bulletini Microphones


Designed especially for the harmonica player.


The Bulletini is a tiny bullet microphone with huge tone designed especially for the harmonica player, thanks to the Heumann Element TM. The Heumann Element is a brand new high impedance dynamic element developed specifically for harp players. It is in fact the only element ever developed specifically for harmonica. It is made from a modern vocal mic element to which both mechanical and electrical modifications are made. The Bulletini has big, fat tone with plenty of bass and comes in two models, with and without volume control.  Avoid “slamming” the volume control full on or full off and dropping your microphone. Treat it well and it will last for years.

The Bulletini helps beginning and intermediate players sound better, but pros like it too. Just ask Billy Branch, Jon Gindick, Adam Gussow, Deak Harp, Aki Kumar, JJ Milteau, Darrell Nulisch, Charlie Musselwhite, Mickey Raphael, Andy Santana, Ronnie Shellist, Hank Shreve… the list is growing!

The connection to the Bulletini is a Switchcraft screw on type and a 20 ft, high quality cable is available.
If you want to connect your existing jack to jack cable, there’s the Switchcraft 332 connector.

Additional information

Weight 400 g

With Volume Control, Without Volume Control

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