Seydel Session Natural Minor


Seydel Session Natural Minor key G.

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Seydel Session Natural Minor key G only, labeled in the 2nd position.

The natural minor tuning is set up to play Minor music easily, without straining the lips, the lungs or the mind!

Natural Minor harmonicas are a very useful harmonica which makes it much easier to play many musical genres that are very difficult to play on the Standard harmonica tuning. Even if a player could master the highly advanced techniques that would be necessary to play certain melodies, there would not have the chords and Minor scale notes that the Natural Minor harmonica provides.

The Seydel Session is a well balanced harmonica and it’s weight feels just right. The screwed on brass reed plates are recessed into a black plastic comb, and the polished stainless steel cover plates are curved and sit flush to the edge of the comb, adding to the players comfort. The tone across the range is clear, loud, full and responsive, and the reeds bend easily on the draw notes. Comes with the Seydel ‘trademark’ leather pouch.

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Weight 240 g