Mel Bay’s Complete Classic Chicago Blues Harp


A comprehensive lesson and study book for the intermediate and advanced diatonic harmonica player.

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Mel Bay’s Classic Chicago Blues Harp by David Barrett, presents techniques, progressive examples and accompanying twelve bar blues exercise and examples.

Special attention is given to the accurate reading of blues rhythms and each notated tune is carefully marked with tablature indicating precisely where to find individual notes. Each chapter concludes with a review of what was taught in that section and access to online audio is included.

This book is best suited to the intermediate player rather than the beginner, and will appeal strongly to those with a genuine desire to learn the Chicago blues harmonica style.

Complete Classic Chicago Blues Harp is excellent for self-teaching, yet is comprehensive enough to be used in a private instruction format. The audio recording insures accuracy of interpretation and ease in learning.
Most of the exercises and examples are included on the audio with split-tracked back-up music.
Each song is played once with harmonica and then without.

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