Lone Wolf LoLoHi Octave


The LoLoHi -three octaves in one!

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The amazing Lone Wolf LoLoHi – three octaves in one pedal.  It’s like being are accompanied by another instrument or voice.

The LoLoHi offers multi effect combinations, a high and a low or a low and a low-low, each including the dry signal with a level control.  Great as an organ effect, a full and fat low bassy tone and even a novelty effects.  The LoLoHi is a great addition to your sound when you want variety in your set.  This would also be great for folk musicians for playing traditional tunes and sea shanties, and a good stand in if the church organ breaks down.

The LoLoHi operates off a 9V DC power adapter. The DC adapter requirements are a 9V DC with a minimum 100mA output and a 2.1mm x 5.5mm connector with a negative center surrounded by a positive outside. The power adapter is sold separately.


High/Low and Low/Low-low octave mode switch
Octave level controls for each octave
Dry signal level control
Volume control
True bypass switch
9V DC input (barrel with a negative center)
High impedance buffered input
Reverse voltage polarity protection
9V battery operation


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