Lone Wolf Harp V2 Delay


Great for blues, jazz, pop and any other genre of music.


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The HARP V2 DELAY is designed for harp players who prefer more presence in their tone.  As with the Harp Delay the dry portion of the signal is left unchanged; but, the Harp V2 Delay differs in that there is less filtering in the echo, producing a tone with more presence. Like the Harp Delay it is a tone enhancing harp delay. The dry portion of the signal passes through high value coupling capacitors assuring maximum bass response and with a buffered FET input your high impedance crystal and CM elements will sound fatter than ever and the effect will make you sound almost as if two harps are playing giving you a much bigger sound stage. This delay offers a tonal response similar to the Dan Echo and Boss; BUT, with a bottom end that brings out the fat tone that we love. The Harp V2 Delay has a broad range of effect; from the fat studio sound to slap-back to multiple repeats that fade away and the Harp V2 Delay does all of this without increasing risk of feedback and without weakening your tone not to mention that it is great for voice too.

The Harp V2 Delay is guaranteed to please even the most die-hard analog delay fan. If you are having a difficult time choosing between the Harp V2 Delay and the Harp Delay then I recommend the Harp Delay which has a customer approval rating of about 99%. The V2 Delay was created for the small percentage of my customers who did not want to loose presence (treble) in the echo.

The V2 Delay is great not only for blues; but for jazz, pop and any other genre of music.


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