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Last few remaining as now discontinued by Lone Wolf Blues Company

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The Harp Frontman is an active DI Box with an effects loop, it is designed for low impedance microphones allowing the performer to sing and play harmonica with effects using the same microphone. The pedal has an XLR output to go to a PA and an isolated ΒΌ inch high impedance output to go to a harmonica or guitar amplifier. The bypass circuit features noiseless switching and LED indicators. The XLR output is driven by a balanced audio driver that is fully specified for high performance audio. The Harp Frontman is also great for recording, providing a balanced and quiet output from the effects loop.

A DI Box allows for the elimination of unbalanced instrument cables which are more susceptible to noise. The DI Boxes eliminate the possibility of ground loop hum and impedance mismatch. The addition of the Ground Lift switch adds another layer of protection against hum.

This pedal does not work on battery, so includes a 9 volt DC power adapter.

The Harp Frontman pedal main features are:
XLR Low Impedance Input
XLR Low Impedance Output
Quarter Inch High Impedance Output
Effects Loop with Bypass
Ground Lift
Functions as an active DI Box


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