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The most versatile distortion pedal in the Lone Wolf line.

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The Dire Wolf distortion pedal is the latest addition to the Lone Wolf pack.

The Lone Wolf Dire Wolf is the most versatile distortion pedal in the Lone Wolf line. Featuring four different clipping options and a powerful two band equalizer, the Dire Wolf can cover a lot of ground. The Dire Wolf can mimic everything from a trusty old bullet to a saturated single ended amp while still being able to stretch the boundaries with modern distortion tones. The Dire Wolf features a buffered input and output to maintain clarity and definition with nearly any microphone, and the grit provided by the pedal can go from just a touch to full blown saturation.

Use the DRIVE control to set the drive to the clipping diodes from clean to fully saturated. The VOLUME control sets the output audio level of the pedal and is used in conjunction with the DRIVE control to maintain the proper audio level out of the pedal. The BODY control acts as a broad mid-range control that can add or reduce the punch and mids of the pedal. The PRESENCE control dials in the sparkly highs that help a distortion cut through a mix; turning PRESENCE down gives the effect of boosted bass. The BODY and PRESENCE controls work in tandem and can be tweaked for a wide variety of tones. The diode selector has four positions: 1 (LEDs : warm and woolly), 2 (Nanolog Devices Clipping Device : brassy and mid-focused), 3 (Germanium : biting and compressed) and 4 (No diodes : open and responsive).

The Dire Wolf operates off of a 9V battery or a 9V DC power adapter. The AC adapter requirements are 9V DC with a minimum 100mA output and a 2.1mm x 5.5mm connector with a negative center and positive outside. The actual current draw is 6 mA. The battery is switched OFF when an external power supply is used, and the unit is always powered whenever the mic is plugged in. The IN jack acts as the ON/OFF switch and the pedal is ON as long as there is a cable plugged into the IN jack.


  1. Smooth to hard distortion
  2. DRIVE control to set the amount of distortion
  3. VOLUME control to set the output level of the pedal
  4. BODY control tuned for harp
  5. PRESENCE control tuned for harp
  6. Four unique clipping options
  7. True bypass with LED indicator
  8. 9V DC input (barrel with a negative center)
  9. High impedance buffered input
  10. Reverse voltage polarity protection

Watch Jason Ricci put the Dire Wolf through its paces.

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